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Rally. Hosted by Action on Human Rights at the time of the ASEAN Leaders Summit. Town Hall Sydney.

If any grandmothers are free, grab your t shirt and head for the Town Hall on Saturday.

This Saturday 11am at Sydney Town Hall, RAC will join Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laos, Burmese (including Rohingyan), Filippino & other Se Asian communities as they come together to speak against regimes that abuse human rights. 
We also have a multitude of reasons to protest against Australia's role in the region. 
The bipartisan policy of continuing to turn back asylum seekers who come by boat seeking our protection, and the Turnbull government's ban on resettling UNHCR-recogniised refugees from Indonesia are keeping refugees in limbo for years on end. 
Add to that Turnbull's dream of Australia becoming a major arms exporter in the region--fuelling conflicts which in turn create more refugees.