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Urgent Snap Action: Friday 16th March 5.30pm. Vigil in Solidarity with Priya. Near Central Station Sydney

Urgent Snap Action: Friday 16th March 5.30pm. Vigil in Solidarity with Priya. Dept. of Immigration & Citizenship 26 Lee St Sydney, very close to Central Station. Hosted by mums4refugees, Love Makes a Way & the Tamil Refugee Council. For more information about the family concerned & a petition to sign:

Latest news just in states that the family remain in Australia. See update below from Amnesty International. The vigil is going  ahead. Grandmothers grab your t shirts and head for Lee St on Friday, show your solidarity for this family.

YES!!!!!!!!! Nadesalingam and Priya, and their Australian-born daughters, nine-month-old Dharuniga and two-year-old Kopiga remain in Australia after a legal intervention saw them pulled off a plane bound for Sri Lanka just minutes before take-off. #RefugeeLiveMatter
See below under F.Y.I. letter writing campaign for  this family.

a.        Media release from the Tamil Refugee Council regarding a Tamil Family faced with deportation back to Sri Lanka.  Multiple international reports, including from the UN, continue to provide evidence that Tamils deported to Sri Lanka are at severe risk of serious harm.  The Tamil Refugee Council is calling on the Australian government to return Priya, Nadesalingam, Dharuniga and Kopiga to their home in Biloela, and to give Priya and Nadesalingam permanent protection so they can continue building their lives and raising their children in peace.
b.     Sample letter below   - Dr Vacy Vlazna

Dear Minister Dutton
I am calling on the Australian government to return Priya, Nadesalingam works at the meatworks, Dharuniga , 9 months, and Kopiga, 2, (born in Australia) to their home in Biloela, Central Queensland and to give Priya and Nadesalingam permanent protection so they can continue building their lives and raising their children in peace.

Their home was raided at 5 am on Monday 5 March by scores of police, Border Force officers and Serco guards. Priya and Nadesalingam were put into separate vans and driven to Gladstone Airport then detained  at Melbourne’s  Broadmeadows detention centre.. The children travelled with Priya but, despite their distress and their mother’s pleas, were not allowed to sit with her.

Once detained in Melbourne, Priya says Border Force officers told them that if they didn’t sign voluntary deportation documents, they would be denied access to a phone and she and her husband would be separated and deported to Sri Lanka a country in which they have a well-founded fear of persecution..

Amnesty International’s latest Annual Report, published on 22 February, noted of the situation in Sri Lanka:

“Reports of torture and other ill-treatment in detention continued … [T]he Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka said that it had continued to document widespread incidents of violence against detainees, including torture and other ill-treatment, which it described as ‘routine’ and practised throughout the country, mainly by police.”


Dr Vacy Vlazna

Collaroy 2097


Please contact the following politicians to:

  • express your deep concern for this family
  • call for a stop to the deportation- which may place the family in danger of persecution
  • ask that they be returned to their home in Biloelia and granted permanent visas to continue their lives here in Australia

  This is something that only takes a few minutes, and something that we all can do. 

Malcolm Turnbull PM
Ph:  (02) 6277 7700 

Peter Dutton MP
Minister for Home Affairs
(02) 6277 7860 

Bill Shorten
Opposition Leader
(02) 6277 4022 

Shayne Neumann
Shadow Immigration Minister
(07) 3201 5300 

Sarah Henderson MP
5243 1444

Richard Marles MP
5221 3033