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Grandmothers 50th QVB Vigil, beside the Statue of Queen Victoria

Purple shirted Grandmothers from all over Sydney will be there to raise awareness of the plight of children on Nauru.    

There are 43 children in the Offshore Processing Centre on Nauru, 106 children released from the centre, now in limbo living in the Nauruan community, on temporary visas. The Nauruan government has said they will never settle these children and their families permanently on Nauru.  

Grandmothers stand by the GRANDCHILDREN (43 kids still detained in the Processing Centre plus another 106 ‘released’ into the Naruan community plus women and men) STILL ON NAURU and all the GRANDSONS still waiting on MANUS.

#EvacuateNow #SafetyForAll #4YearsTooMany

#WeSupportYou #StaySafe