IAN McAULEY. Reminder to Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison: Australia is a parliamentary democracy

On the last sitting day of Parliament, the Government took extraordinary measures to block a vote on a bill to ease the medical evacuation of asylum-seekers on Manus Island and Nauru. The Government’s terror of losing a vote on the floor of the House reveals a dangerous misunderstanding of the workings of our parliamentary democracy.


Bill Shorten maintains Labor's stance on boat turnbacks but offers more refugee places, cash to UNHCR

Labor MP Ged Kearney choked up as she hailed the "progressive Labor policy", one that the party had "moved mountains" to achieve.

"Whilst I know that this motion is not perfect and many may argue that, it does get us closer and it is an important statement because we need this on the record from this conference," she told delegates.

"We cannot continue to sit by while this Government tortures people on Manus and Nauru — and it must be condemned."


JOHN MENADUE. Fake news, spin and media complicity on border protection and boat arrivals.

The Coalition sees boat arrivals or the threat of boat arrivals as a means to advance its political interests. It is as sordid as that. As a ‘senior Liberal party official’ told the American Embassy some time ago, ‘the more boats that come, the better for us’.   


'You welcome them with hatred': Malala's disappointment at Australia

The 21-year-old activist – who in 2014 became the youngest Nobel Laureate in history – attacked Australia's offshore processing of refugees on Manus Island and Papua New Guinea as being out of touch with its people's warm and welcoming nature.


Facts flung overboard on refugee health – and our nation’s.

Thursday 6 December was the final sitting day of the Australian Parliament for 2018 and one of only 10 sitting days between now and next May when an election is expected. It was a day to get things moving. Yet far more was undone than done, and not just for the asylum seekers and refugees held in indefinite, punitive detention off-shore, or the 6000 Australian doctors and the Australian Medical Association speaking up for their care. 


Australia is finally having a moral awakening on refugee policy

………Scott Morrison has nevertheless tried to spin the bill as some sort of existential threat to national security. But the bill just ensures sick people get medical treatment and don’t die, and the only thing more appalling than the tactics Morrison used to delay it is the fact that legislation like this is even necessary in the first place….



The Australian government subjected asylum seekers and refugees to torture, crimes against humanity and the intentional infliction of harm in operating its offshore processing system, two class actions launched on Monday will allege.