Repealing medevac 'a wicked thing' says Centre Alliance

Rebekha Sharkie has a message for supporters of repealing the legislation, “who call themselves Christian, as indeed I do”. Read Matthew 25

... Matthew 25 makes it very clear – Christians should see everyone as Christ in the flesh. And in the New Testament, stranger and neighbour are in fact synonymous. The golden rule of love your neighbour as yourself refers not just to the people you know, your neighbours, but also to those you do not know.

And I am sure I do not need to remind every person who follows Christ that Christ too was a refugee.

If the government is successful in repealing this legislation it will cause much harm. Needless harm. Unnecessary harm. It is quite simply a wicked thing that we are doing in this place. It is unnecessary.

And I therefore, in the strongest possible terms, oppose this bill, as will my Centre Alliance colleagues in the other place.