4 April 2019: Facts & Figures:

Facts & Figures:

  • There are Five children in detention in Melbourne.

  • There are no refugee children in detention elsewhere in Australia.

  • Australia is the only country with mandatory detention of asylum seekers, including children.

  • As many as 40 children may have been fathered by asylum seeker and refugees on Manus Island. The Australian Government's trying to identify the children, as they're covered by the new Medevac law. But with many births unregistered and some parents struggling to get birth certificates for their children, it could be difficult.

  • 63 Mothers, fathers and children remain permanently separated between Australia and indefinite offshore detention on Manus & Nauru.

  • 287 Children are in community detention in Australia. Restrictions apply including that parents are not permitted to work.

  • 2453 Children are living in the Australian community on Bridging visas.. The Australian Government has stated that refugees, including these children and their families will never be permanently settled in Australia.

  • As of February 2019 there were 390 people on Nauru and 580 in PNG. 493 have been resettled in the U.S.  265 have been rejected by the U.S.

  • As of January 31st 2019 there were 1269 adults in detention centres in Australia.

  • A single refugee without a child gets less than $35 a day to live on. It is calculated at 89% of Newstart. Many are losing even this support under cuts to the SRSS program.

  • Worldwide there are over 65 million refugees

The four demands of GADRC Australia wide
1. End detention in all its forms for refugee children and their   families
2. End refugee family separations
3. Get all refugees off Nauru and Manus to safe settlement
4. Ensure children and families seeking asylum are held no longer than 72 hours to enable identity and health check