The Last Kids To Leave Nauru Were Greeted At The Airport By Australians Living In America

Ansoul and Fenton were there as volunteers with Ads-Up (Aussie Diaspora Steps Up), a group of Australians living in the US who help refugees resettling from Nauru and Manus. The family was also met by caseworkers from a refugee resettlement agency, as well as some distant friends.

Ads-Up cofounder Ben Winsor told BuzzFeed News initial assistance from resettlement agencies can vary wildly. There is generally a period of rent support and help applying for ID cards. Some will provide grocery items, try to find refugees a job — while others will hand over some cash and say good luck.

“They get that three months of support, by that time they’re expected to find a job, everything ends and they’re on their own. So we try to jump in and help,” he said.