Australia's Child Refugees Are Suffering A Rare Psychological Illness Where They Withdraw From The World

At least six children sent to Nauru by the Australian government have resignation syndrome. Doctors say the rare psychological illness is like “going into hibernation”.......................................

“These children need to be in an acute medical setting where they’ve got access to intensive care, they need nasogastric [nose tube] feeding, rehydrations, intravenous fluids, and a lot of nursing care to prevent complications,” Newman said. “It’s a medical condition initially. Further down the track, some of these children will wake up when they realise they’re in space of safety.”

Next comes treating their minds. None of this will happen quickly. But what might happen after that doesn’t bear thinking about.

“They need intensive psychological treatment to help them cope with the trauma they’ve been through,” said Newman. “Then the politics will be the desire to send her back.”