Border Politics - I wonder where our democracy is going - Julian Burnside


I hope you will join me in seeing that this film connects with as wide an audience as we can reach because questions of human rights don’t get enough discussion in the community and issues concerning refugees get swept under the carpet or they are the subject of constant dis-information from the government.

Knowing the facts is really important: it’s not illegal to seek asylum; the overwhelming majority of people seeking asylum in Australia have been assessed as genuine refugees.  The number of boat people coming to Australia seeking asylum is very small, and the arrival rate tracks in parallel with global refugee movement, but we get only a tiny percentage of the global number.

It’s time for those of us who understand that Australia is treating boat people with unrestrained cruelty to speak to people who are starting to wonder about the secrecy and the cost of our harsh treatment of innocent people.  Even if they were criminals (and they aren’t), it seems a bit rough to lock them up for years on end in remote islands.

What I hope the film brings is a sense that Australia is not being true to its image of itself.  We are the land of the fair go: but we are not giving a fair go to the small numbers of people who come here looking for a safe place to live.  Our international reputation is being trashed.

We can do better.      Julian Burnside

Lois Harris and I decided to make this film out of frustration.

Every day we listened to politicians beefing up the threat from refugees and asylum seekers and emphasising the urgent need for border protection. Malcolm Turnbull at one point instructed us not to get misty eyed about refugees!!!! We saw a great need to remind people about compassion, to appeal to our communal decency and to provide clear information.
We believe people without hope running from their homelands to escape persecution or death is indeed a “misty eyed” situation.
So we made Border Politics.
We really need your help to get it out there.
We want the film to get to “the undecided”. These are people amongst our family, friends and community who don’t know where they stand on this matter. They don’t have enough information and they find it difficult to believe that their government is lying or deliberately compromising human rights and creating fear.
They are our uncles, our sisters and cousins, our butchers, our school mates or the coach.
We want you to help us by persuading them to come and see our film. 
And of course we want you to come and see it too.
There are many opportunities around the country to hear Julian Burnside before or after screenings and for us to hear from you too in Q&A sessions.

Please please do come.
And please please do tell everyone you know to come too.
Julian is terrific and we have done our best to bring you a global perspective on this growing horror within the international community. 

Judy Rymer Producer / Director 

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