18/11/2018 Latest Figures Kids on Nauru

Unless otherwise stated, the information below comes from either Asylum Insights, The Refugee Action Coalition Sydney or Pamela Curr, Melbourne. The figures are the best estimate and are constantly changing.

12 Children on Nauru [Since heard still 17]

13 Children in the Melbourne Detention Centre, (MITA Broadmeadows)  having been brought from Nauru, some for medical treatment but also includes siblings.

Over 50 people, including children are in motel accommodation in Brisbane under 24-hour guard). Others have been placed in community detention

Numbers are in Adelaide in motels or caravan park but these are under guard , so that cohort is in detention. Numbers are not available.

In some cases where there is a child in hospital, one parent is permitted to remain with the child in hospital, all other family members must remain in detention.

Many families remain separated, (at least 48 people from 10 families) with part of the family on Nauru, and others in Australia. This includes families where some members have been brought to Australia for medical treatment, whilst other family members (often fathers) remain on Nauru.

Other Facts:
176 Children live in Community Detention, within the Australian Community
435 People who were in detention on Manus or Nauru have been resettled in the US under the US resettlement deal.
624 men remain on Manus, including those in Port Moresby for medical treatment
500 on Nauru, including 12 children
37 Deaths in Onshore and Offshore Detention since 2010, of these 16 are known to have been due to suicide.
The number of refugees who remain in Cambodia after being transferred there from Nauru, at a cost of $55 million. One. Six of the seven refugees who were transferred to Cambodia have since left:
5 Billion dollars spent on Manus & Nauru since 2012

33 boats and 771 people Turned back in boats since September 2013 under Operation Sovereign Borders. None of those intercepted were deemed to be owed protection obligations. The last boat known to be turned around was in June 2018. The number of people it contained is not reported. Source: Senate Estimates and Australian Border Force.  

1 boat containing 17 people Arrived in Australia in 2018. They were taken to Christmas Island for Processing. Source: The Guardian.

17,029 People awaiting an outcome of their refugee application whilst living in Australia on a Bridging Visa E. This includes 2,835 children. Source: Department of Home Affairs.

1,345 People in detention in Australia (including 173 on Christmas Island). 366 arrived unlawfully by air or boat (<5 seaport, 42 air, 315 maritime arrivals). 979 arrived lawfully but subsequently overstayed or had their visa cancelled. Source: Department of Home Affairs.

As part of the ARAN network, GADRC  is calling for all children and their families that remain on Nauru to be brought to Australia.

Families must be reunited and:

Families must be given freedom and not be placed in detention

Families must be given permanent resettlement (as a matter of urgency) so they can start to build their futures. They have waited too long for this, and it has nearly destroyed them.

Call on the PM and Minister Coleman to accept the New Zealand offer, or settle them here in Australia.

Prime Minister https://www.pm.gov.au/contact-your-pm (02) 6277 7700
David Coleman David.Coleman.MP@aph.gov.au (02) 6277 4188