Weekly News Roundup 29 January 2018 - Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law


Australian authorities are reportedly advising refugee parents who need medical treatment overseas that they must leave their children on Nauru. Earlier this month, it was reported that authorities have delayed transferring a seriously ill refugee from Nauru to Australia for medical treatment for over a year. There are new calls from advocates to medically evacuate a 2 week old baby, born in Nauru to Iranian refugees detained there, due to an infected umbilicus which remains untreated.
Meanwhile around 500 refuges have reportedly petitioned Australia for greater information about resettlement in the United States and for a chance at resettlement in New Zealand.

The Guardian has reported on the experience of one refugee from Syria who chose to transfer from Nauru to Cambodia on the understanding that his family could join him. Having opened a restaurant in Phnom Penh, he is still attempting to reunite with his wife and children.  

Journalists wishing to travel to Nauru for the purpose of covering the Pacific Islands Forum in 2018 will be exempt from an expensive and non-refundable visa fee. It has been reported that, since the fee was introduced, only two Australian journalists have visited Nauru.