City2Surf Early Bird Registration by 10 May

Grandmother Ingrid keeps us updated on the SUNDAY 13 AUGUST 2017 event

Early Bird Registration is now open for the City to Surf!


If you register before or on 10 May, your bib will be send to you free of charge. If you register after that, you have to pay $7.95, if you want it sent to you. There is also the option of collecting the bib at the CityFit expo in Darling Harbour between 10-12 August.

We have not registered as a team (more expensive), so just click "not a team entry". Also choose the Back of the Pack Orange Start Group. 

Another tip: just type in your birth date. If you use the calendar, you'd still be clicking back half a day later (assuming you are as old as me...). Oh yes, and just scroll through all the stuff they want to sell you. A bit tedious, I know.

If you have any problems with the registration, please let me know. 

And stop eating Easter eggs and get moving - just talking to myself... Ingrid