'I Had To Do Something. I Couldn't Do Nothing!': Citizen Action In Support Of Asylum Seekers In Australia, 2001-2006. Grandmother Diane Gosden's PhD Thesis

Here we are in 2017 and, in Diane's words today -
"There was a different social and political environment then, but the constant that remains is still the suffering of asylum seekers and refugees and the motivations of their supporters. The thesis is written in very academic language, but it may be interesting to dip into chapters such as the one on motivation called 'Motivation for Action - 'Something was crook!' (p. 117) or 'The Refugee Movement - A trajectory of struggle' (p. 271), or the Post-Script: Commentary on events since late 2006 (p. 357)"

You'll find a link to Diane's thesis in our Resources section, under the Reading heading.