KALDOR Centre for Refugee Law UNSW

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Academic articles

  • Madeline Gleeson, 'Regional cooperation on refugee protection: The unanswered questions'Middle East Institute, 5 September 2017
  • Guy S. Goodwin-Gill, ‘Foreword’, to Violeta Moreno-Lax, Accessing Asylum in Europe: Extraterritorial Border Controls and Refugee Rights under EU Law, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017
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  • Guy S. Goodwin-Gill, ‘Setting the Scene: Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Migrants at Sea – The Need for a Long-Term, Protection-Centred Vision’, in Violeta Moreno-Lax & Efthymios Papastavridis, eds., ‘Boat Refugees’ and Migrants at Sea: A Comprehensive Approach, Leiden: Brill Nijhoff, 2017, 17-31   
  • Jane McAdam, Self-Determination and self-governance for communities relocated across international borders: The quest for Banaban independence (2017) 24 International Journal on Minority and Group Rights 428-466
  • Rebecca Dowd and Jane McAdam, International cooperation and responsibility-sharing to combat climate change: Lessons for International Refugee Law (2017) 66 International and Comparative Law Quarterly 863-92
  • Sangeetha Pillai and George Williams, Twenty-first century banishment: Citizenship stripping in common law nations    (2017) 66(3) International Comparative Law Quarterly 521-555

Media: print and online

Media: radio and television

  • David Donoghue, RN Breakfast with Fran Kelly, ABC Radio National (24 November 2017) 
  • Elizabeth Ferris, RN Drive with Patricia Karvelas, 'Rohingya now the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world', ABC Radio National (20 November 2017)
  • Madeline Gleeson, Shooting the Past with Dr Clare Wright, 'The rugmaker of Prahran' ABC Radio National (20 October 2017)
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  • Guy S. Goodwin-Gill, with Ben RobinsonRadio NZ (21 August 2017)
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  • Sangeetha Pillai, World News with Marija Zivic, SBS TV (24 July 2017)
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