Grandmother Lenore speaks from experience and from the heart at 31/10/2017 Refugee Action Coalition Rally in Sydney SBD

I represent the grandmothers against the detention of Refugee children but I want to address my words to the politicians.
For over 50 years I was involved in education of children, children in secondary schools all along the east coast of Australia, Qld, NSW and Victoria.  The lesson we taught was "respect", respect for teachers and students who were from different ethnic backgrounds with varying customs and practices.
My question is "what has happened to so many members of parliament educated in similar schools? "
You seem to have forgotten that human beings have basic needs irrespective of colour, country or creed. You have forgotten that respect for your fellow human beings is essential.  

By imprisoning some 200 children on Nauru you politicians are denying these children their basic rights, rights that your children and grandchildren enjoy, the right to safety, the right to grow up free from abuse, the right to good health, the right to a good education and above all the right to live in freedom.

We grandmothers won't give up until all children and their families are off Nauru and living with the same opportunities as our grandchildren.
May you politicians soon learn that it is human to make a mistake but exceedingly admirable to admit it.
Please respect the rights of others and BRING THEM HERE,   LET THEM STAY.