Teachers4Refugees, Monday 12 December 2016 Snap Action

Monday 12th December 12.30pm-1.30pm Snap Action: Teachers for Refugees. Dept. of Education 1 Oxford St Paddington. GADRC NSW have given their support to this campaign. See below. 


Teachers for Refugees are coming under a lot of pressure from the likes of the Daily Telegraph, the federal education minister and Malcolm Turnbull to stop their t-shirt action in support of refugees next week.  More below from James supple, RAC.


We would like to add our support to the Teachers for Refugees t-shirt action planned for the week of the 12th of December, where teachers will wear t-shirts with the slogans "Teachers for Refugees—Close the Camps, Bring them Here" in schools and workplaces. 

The action has already been supported by the Australian Education Union (Victoria Branch) and the NSW Teachers Federation.

We reject attempts to intimidate teachers from being involved in this action. Teachers have a right to a political opinion and to state their opposition to offshore detention policies and government abuses of human rights. They are sending a message of solidarity to refugees and asylum seekers in offshore detention centres and those in our communities who face racism and discrimination.

The proposition that a teacher is imposing an opinion on a student by wearing a piece of clothing, or that this detracts from their ability to deliver lessons, is ridiculous.

We extend our solidarity and support to teachers participating in this action.

James Supple, RAC.