Former Manus Island detainee tells UN 'human beings are being destroyed'

On Wednesday he stood before the UN human rights council’s 41st session to say it was instead a humanitarian crisis which required urgent action.

“Many hundreds are still being detained. And they are being completely destroyed, physically and mentally. Twelve people have died,” he said, speaking on behalf of Australia’s Human Rights Law Centre.

Manus Island asylum seeker who set himself on fire to be charged with attempted suicide

Under the PNG criminal code, attempting suicide is considered a misdemeanour which carries a penalty of up to one year in prison. Arson carries a sentence of up to life in prison.

Peter Dutton is whipping up fear on the medevac law, but it defies logic and compassion

Although some refugees were granted emergency medical evacuation, many others were not. In response, legal cases were brought against the government for breaching its responsibility to care for the refugees.

This required the federal court to convene at short notice to hear cases. It also required the expenditure of huge amounts of taxpayer money to call expert medical witnesses and file thousands of pages of supporting documentation.

Medevac panel overturns two cases in four months, despite 'floodgate' fears

The Home Affairs Minister also suggested the medical panel would side with refugees and asylum seekers.

"I think generally you would expect the medical review panel would overturn a minister's decision that refuted the original claim made by the two doctors."

Labor says Peter Dutton must release ‘secret’ audit of Manus Island contracts

The contract row comes as Labor re-centres its attacks against the government’s border security policies by focusing on the cost to taxpayers and how that money is being spent, while the government ramps up its rhetoric against the medevac legislation it hopes to repeal when parliament resumes next month.

Offshore detention cost up fivefold in a decade: Financial Review Article 21/6/2019

“At a time when the public service has been slashed, Home Affairs has avoided proper scrutiny around the costs of offshore processing, but that's about to change.” ……………..

A 21 June 2019 lengthy article by 3 Australian Financial Review journalists. Unfortunately it is subject to a Paywall, so we are not able to link the article here. However, good to know such information is now slowly becoming available in the public domain - watch this space………………………