Wollongong doctors and The Indefinite Sleepout

Wollongong doctor Javed Badyari has personally pledged to sleep outside indefinitely or until indefinite detention of refugees ends.

For the past 11 nights Dr Badyari has been braving the cold and sleeping outside at Wollongong's Crown Street Mall.

A rotating roster sees three participants per night sleep out at Crown St Mall.

They are campaigning for fair and humane treatment of refugees and asylum seekers in Australia.

They are campaigning for fair and humane treatment of refugees and asylum seekers in Australia.

Update:(Not) Welcome to Bondi mural

“You don’t respond to vandalism or censorship, you react to it, and reacting will only draw me into a tit for tat fight about a topic I’m not interested in fighting about, freedom of speech, something I already have, unquestionably.

“After giving it much thought I’ve decided the most progressive way to move forward is by implementing an augmented reality feature of the mural, which anybody with a mobile phone, can hold up, and view the mural, as it was intended to be seen, any time, forever.”

Now, Cornish’s artwork has been “reinstated” virtually with the use of augmented reality technology. And it’s impossible for opponents to deface that incarnation.

Immersive technology company Unbnd has immortalised the mural using WebAR technology, creating the website www.notwelcometobondi.com.

Try it!

Operation #NotForgotten: Australians have raised more than $100,000 to relocate refugees stranded on Manus Island and Nauru to Canada, as part of a project launched by a Syrian refugee.

Hassan Al Kontar was stranded at a Malaysian airport for more than seven months last year before being granted asylum in Canada.

Now he wants to offer the same for hundreds of refugees who are languishing on Manus Island and Nauru as a result of the Australian Government's refugee policies, which have been repeatedly slammed as "cruel" by human rights groups. 

His months-long stint at the Kuala Lumpur terminal was marked by gruelling uncertainty.

"I can't claim that I know exactly what they are going through," he told the ABC. 

"But I know what it means to lose hope, and to gain hope again."



One little Syrian refugee didn't stop drawing. She gave me this message to show you.

Richard (Flanagan) and I (Ben Quilty) had followed this river of Syria’s people and all of them were on a journey of escape, fleeing unimaginable horror, men in black clothes, murderous men, murderous civil war and the end of their homeland. And their destination was thousands of kilometres north in a direction none had ever imagined they would travel, to a future utterly unknown. Among them were doctors and firefighters, teachers, mechanics and university students.



New UN assistant high commissioner for protection urges Scott Morrison to use political mandate for more humane refugee policy

Gillian Triggs says 'vindictive point-scoring' behind Coalition's medevac repeal.
“It is obviously very worrying that some countries are pointing to Australia as having an approach that they think is worth emulating,” she said. “You can’t stick your head in the sand.”

Triggs said she was hopeful the Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, who is the architect of the current offshore detention regime, would “bring it back to the sensible middle” as public sentiment shifts.

“I think it’s in his interests that he does it because the Australian public view is changing and I think it would take the matter off the political agenda and help him get back on with what he wants to do, which is manage the economy and create jobs.

“He has it in him to adopt a more humane policy, and he’s practically won the election single-handedly and he has an enormous mandate and power, and he should use it to bring back Australia to policies that the Australian people are much more comfortable with.”


4 Sisters Spent Years Trapped in a Detention Camp. New Life has Struggles.

Now in America after growing up in detention on a remote Pacific island, four young sisters grapple with the years they lost. https://www.buzzfeed.com/lanesainty/sisters-refugees-nauru-australia-florida

“I say, ‘I come from Burma’. And they say, ‘How long have you been here?’ ‘I’ve been here a couple of months’,” Zainab says, running through a typical conversation. The next question is usually: “How do you know how to speak English?” The answer is that Zainab’s family spent four and a half years in Australian immigration detention, much of it in the notorious camp on the Pacific island of Nauru.
— Buzzfeed August 10, 2019

UNHCR role for Prof Gillian Triggs

Delighted that @GillianTriggs has been appointed Assistant High Commissioner for @Refugees for protection: she will bring to #UNHCR substantial legal expertise, knowledge and experience of refugee issues and a passion for human rights. “There are 71 million displaced people and refugees around the world and we have some very significant protection obligations in our region.” #AustraliaForUNHCR


Bondi mural defaced

On a sparkling winter's day, Bondi Beach suddenly had a new tourist attraction - a controversial mural protesting the country's treatment of asylum seekers that had been defaced with white paint.

And Sydney street artist Luke Cornish, who was being compared to Britain's subversive Banksy for a painting on the concrete promenade that featured 24 Australian Border Force officers to represent detainees who had committed suicide, was considering a reprisal.

"I'm used to my artworks on the street being painted over," he said. "The thing that amazes me the most is that it lasted longer than two days."

But he was dismayed that the controversy had distracted attention from the treatment of detainees, particularly claims the mural had upset children.

"If someone's three-year-old daughter doesn't like looking at a painting with someone with guns, and that's such an issue that you take it to council, think about children in Australian detention centres whose teeth are rotting," he said.

"We're talking about traumatised children. Get your priorities straight."

#6yearstoolong #Bringthemhere


Bondi mural

Local Grandmothers reflecting on the mural.

Local Grandmothers reflecting on the mural.

The black and white artwork, “Not … Welcome to Bondi”, depicted a row of heavily armed and masked Australian Border Force officers. Artist Luke Cornish, who has a show on display at the Bondi Pavilion, said the piece was a commentary on Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers.

“The 24 Australian Border Force officers represent the 24 suicides in these detention facilities (onshore and offshore) since 2010,” he wrote on Instagram recently. #ArtAppreciation#gadrc #6 years too long #Local Bondi Grandmothers