Toronto Star: ‘We all feel the shame and guilt’: Aussie Canadians campaign to sponsor refugees detained Down Under

Eileen Pyne Rudzik, who came to Canada from Australia in 1968 to pursue a doctorate in developmental biology at U of T, said she was shocked when she first heard about the treatment of asylum seekers by the Australian government because the Australia she remembered was generous and welcoming to hundreds of thousands of displaced people from Europe after the Second World War.

Scott Morrison's 'negative globalism' no echo of Trump, Josh Frydenberg says

Asked what “international bureaucracy” Australia disapproves of, Frydenberg cited “the human rights organisation within the UN” for “singling out [Australia] more than North Korea or Iran” during the Howard government era.

“Now, they were doing that at the time because of our border protection policies … that have been admired by other countries around the world for their effectiveness, ensuring that authorised arrivals come to Australia and lives are not lost at sea – so that’s a good example.”

Grattan on Friday: Jackie Lambie should not horse trade on medevac repeal bill

Human breakdown, in 28 notes

Appearing before Senators investigating the proposed repeal of ‘medevac’, the Kaldor Centre’s Madeline Gleeson offered to table seven years’ worth of reports documenting the progressive physical and mental health deterioration among people held on Nauru and Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island, before the medical transfer legislation was enacted on 1 March 2019. 

Outlined below in 28 brief notes, the reports show successive stages of suffering in a system that has claimed at least 12 lives.

Coalition blocking release of major review into refugee resettlement

Guardian Australia understands the final report was delivered to government in February but the immigration minister, David Coleman, does not intend to release it until the end of this year, when it’s expected to be published along with the government’s response.

The government has repeatedly refused requests for both the report and for an explanation of why it hasn’t been released.