Australia has been seduced by creeping authoritarianism – and its citizens need to wake up

In this country, 9/11 coincided with the arrival of the Tampa – and the general atmosphere of emergency facilitated the development of an increasingly draconian system, one that always required careful media management. The director general of defence communication strategies, Brian Humphreys, reportedly testified to a Senate select committee that defence minister Peter Reith instructed his staff to not humanise the refugees.

Offshore detention made the prevention of that humanisation easier, simply by placing asylum seekers a long way from the Australian media.

Keneally backs medevac laws after Dutton claims Labor may help repeal bill

Keneally told Guardian Australia that Labor supports medevac because “it provides a way for people who are sick to get the care they need and ensures minister has final discretion as to who can come” but did not rule out consideration of amendments.

“What Mr Dutton’s comments today misconstrued is that second aspect of the legislation – he did not recognise the fact the parliament explicitly ensured the minister retained that discretion.

UNSW Law Kaldor Centre Principles for Australian Refugee Policy Key Priorities

Australia has a proud record of welcoming refugees since 1945, giving people a new home, new hope and new opportunities. Our reward has been a strong economy, an authoritative voice in world affairs, and vibrant, globally connected communities. Recently, however, our refugee policy has changed direction; it no longer provides a sustainable, humane response that enables both refugees and Australia to prosper. This is out of step with our shared values as a ‘fair go’ nation that does the right thing by people in need. (Link to full document on our Resources Page)

Australia must use past success to reset future asylum policy, professor says

……………Fourth, the system should respect the principles of family unity and the best interests of the child, with the Netherlands, EU and Sweden all showing examples of best practice. It must also provide additional safe, lawful pathways to protection, including safe routes to seek asylum, and community and private sponsorship were also suggested……………

Manus Governor demands action from Australia as Behrouz Boochani says self-harm has spiked...By PNG correspondent Natalie Whiting on Manus Island

[Manus Governor] Mr Benjamin was concerned by the recent suicide attempts, the damage to Manus's reputation as a safe and welcoming place, and the social problems he said the project had brought.

He wants the Australian Government to remove the remaining men.

"The PNG Government can't do much and [Manus] can't do much. If we allow them to stay here, we will get even more problems, nothing will be solved," he said.

"We have to solve this problem and the only way to solve this problem is for Australia to act."

The Governor said he will be raising the issue with the country's new Prime Minister, James Marape.

Mr Benjamin was a key backer of Mr Marape, who took office less than a fortnight ago.

New PNG govt should end Manus Island crisis - Boochani

About 500 men remain in indefinite detention on Manus, where they've been held for six years without trial for seeking asylum in Australia.

Mr Boochani says the company contracted to provide them healthcare, Pacific International Hospital or PIH, is inadequate.