Tampa 2.0? Scott Morrison cannot run the 2001 election campaign John Howard did: Phillipa McGuinness

The existential – and actual – threat in 2001 was terrorism. We argued about the Kyoto protocol then, but now climate change is what panics us. Now it is harder to merge the issues of national security with asylum seekers, which may be why the home affairs minister Peter Dutton appears to channel Donald Trump at his most base when he suggests some offshore detainees may be rapists and paedophiles.


The sounds of Speechless, where words are superfluous

Leaked briefing reveals Defence warning on state of Australian Border Force

It is understood half the Border Force's fleet of eight Cape Class patrol boats are currently docked for maintenance. Two are at shipbuilder Austal's Henderson facility, one is tied up at Darwin and another at Cairns. It is not clear however whether the maintenance is holding them up or they simply cannot be crewed.


The Last Kids To Leave Nauru Were Greeted At The Airport By Australians Living In America

Ansoul and Fenton were there as volunteers with Ads-Up (Aussie Diaspora Steps Up), a group of Australians living in the US who help refugees resettling from Nauru and Manus. The family was also met by caseworkers from a refugee resettlement agency, as well as some distant friends.

Ads-Up cofounder Ben Winsor told BuzzFeed News initial assistance from resettlement agencies can vary wildly. There is generally a period of rent support and help applying for ID cards. Some will provide grocery items, try to find refugees a job — while others will hand over some cash and say good luck.

“They get that three months of support, by that time they’re expected to find a job, everything ends and they’re on their own. So we try to jump in and help,” he said.


How the next Australian government can balance security and compassion for asylum seekers

Australia’s acceptance of refugees remained uncontroversial while the numbers of refugees could be strictly controlled through its immigration program. The first serious challenge to control was the arrival of boatloads of Vietnamese refugees in 1976. However, the Fraser Coalition government maintained control through an arrangement with South East Asian countries that Australia would resettle a high number of Vietnamese refugees if those countries stopped redirecting boats that arrived on their shores back out to sea.


The Paladin scandal is only a drop in the ocean of corruption on Manus and Nauru

However, all the focus of the media has been directed only at this one company, simply questioning the figure in the contract. For years I have been scrutinising the security companies and medical service providers on Manus. I question why this critical approach to Paladin has only been taken up now and why it is exclusive to one company. The Paladin scandal is only one small part of this issue – hundreds of millions of dollars have been wasted in the detention centres on Manus and Nauru during these years.


Robert Manne The myth of the great wave

For the past five years the asylum seeker policies of the Coalition and Labor have been virtually identical. Three weeks ago that changed when Bill Shorten announced Labor would support a bill from the newly elected independent member Kerryn Phelps, allowing seriously ill asylum seekers and refugees, most of whom have been on Nauru and Manus Island since 2013 or even earlier, to be brought to Australia for medical treatment on the recommendation of two doctors.