The Aussies helping Manus and Nauru refugees resettle in America

The kind face of Australians  - New York: When Maree de Marco talks about Australia's treatment of asylum seekers you can feel the anger rising inside her. You hear the words catch in her throat. What a terrible thing, to be ashamed of the country you love.


UNHCR urges Australia to end separation of refugee families

Australia’s broader current policy of “offshore processing and deterrence” has led to the ongoing separation of refugee families since 2013. Asylum-seekers who arrive to Australia by sea have been prevented from reuniting with their loved ones in Australia, including spouses, parents and children.

One major difference between Australian treatment of asylum seeker children.....

......and the unfolding US Horror Story:  the US Media is allowed to see what is going on. 

Grandmothers say "MAKE AUSTRALIA KIND AGAIN - support Refugee Protection Bill 2018"

'You will be responsible': a mother's warning is unheeded on Nauru

Two days before her son took his own life on Nauru, Fazileh Mansour Beigi’s final plea for help carried with it a warning too.

For months inside the Australian-run regional processing centre, Mansour Beigi had begged for help for her sons, whom she had watched deteriorate over five years in immigration detention. To anyone she could, she wrote letter after letter, pleading for someone to intervene............

.........His 12-year-old brother, Ali, publicly pleaded for help for his older brother and his mother, who had been promised a medical transfer to Taiwan before it was cancelled at the last minute.

Australia's offshore detention centres 'terrible', says architect of system

Nauru and Manus Island were both reopened in 2012 and have been plagued by allegations of violence, including murder; sexual predation of men, women and, in particular, children; medical neglect leading to death; high rates of suicide and self-harm; and other human rights abuses.

How many asylum seeker & refugee children are currently on Nauru?

How many asylum seeker children in the detention centre on Nauru? 22   How many children in mainland Australian detention centres? 5.   Source: Dept. Home Affairs. The Dept. does not release figures regarding the number of children (determined to be refugees) released from the Nauru Offshore Processing Centre into the Nauruan community. The figure is around 115. The figure fluctuates as babies are born, and children turn 18.  Children have also been included in the groups of refugees that have been sent to the US. For more general stats on refugees, go to the Refugee Council of Australia website, or to Asylum Insight: