Watch ABC's 4 Corners - Mon 17/10 The Forgotten Children: The young refugees stranded on Nauru.

ATTENTION all Grandmothers and F.R.O.G.s 🐸 (friends and relatives of grandmothers)!!!!

Let's raise awareness of the plight of these "forgotten children" (the young refugees stranded on Nauru) by wearing your purple πŸ’œt-shirt, badge, scarf, whatever you have, when you are out and about on Tuesday next, 18/10 after Four Corners goes to air. Shopping Centres, Libraries, School-yard pick-ups - all places for conversationsπŸ‘‚πŸΌπŸ˜. We know there are approximately 56% 'persuadables' out there. 

Some ideas (do as little or as much as you can or feel comfortable with)

πŸ’œ--**wear your purple T-shirt and be a walking billboard
πŸ’œarrange to meet a few other Purple swathed Grandmothers for coffee in a visible venue
πŸ’œget together a local group of Grandmothers and become a 'flash-mob' outside a shopping centre
πŸ’œask people to take a photo with you and put on their social media
πŸ’œtake along any Grandmothers purple cards or Flyers you have to hand
Grandmothers - GO FOR IT!! ITS TIME!

Watch ABC's Four Corners - Monday 17th October 2016 8.30 pm
The Forgotten Children: The young refugees stranded on Nauru.