Nauru arrests Australian detention centre senior doctor and orders her to leave

According to separate sources, Dr Nicole Montana, senior medical officer for Australia’s health contractor, IHMS, was arrested on Tuesday night and ordered to leave. One witness said Australian Border Force officers had asked the police not to handcuff her.

Guardian Article: Wentworth byelection: Jewish voters split over consulate switch to Jerusalem

Sharma also received a frosty reception from the audience when he suggested that the Liberals had inherited offshore detention from Labor – which is true, but the Liberals have been in power for five years and continued offshore detention as a central plank of its deterrence of illegal boat arrivals.

IAN MACPHEE, Immigration Minister in Fraser Govt: I plead with the Labor Party to adopt a humane policy regarding asylum.

To its credit SBS covers aspects of the refugee crisis and the ABC does a little. But it cannot compete with road accidents on commercial television! So not enough Australians know of the inhumanity of their government. That is why I wish the Labor opposition would join the Greens in promising to return to a humane policy.

Kerryn Phelps urges Wentworth voters to use byelection to protest 'inhumane' refugee policies

She also told the audience of the harrowing journeys of her in-laws escaping the Holocaust as children. Phelps argued that Australia was both breaching its international obligations towards refugees and doing itself out of the talents of those who sought asylum.