Cuts to asylum seeker welfare create surge in demand for food and housing

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) said in a report released on Tuesday that the cuts had already led to a huge surge in demand for food and accommodation.

“The ASRC has been inundated with requests for housing and cannot meet the demand,” the report said. “Families are currently increasingly at risk of homelessness.”

Vote 2019: Where the major parties stand on immigration

A month ago, the Coalition was gearing up for an election fought on border policy, warning of an influx of asylum seekers. Several government ministers suggested “paedophiles and murderers” would make their way from Manus Island and Nauru to Australia after Labor and the crossbench combined to pass a bill giving doctors more power on medical transfers.  But that strategy has been largely ditched in the wake of the Christchurch mosque shootings.

How do People Seeking Asylum Fair in the Budget?

From Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Newsletter -

As winter approaches, the ASRC is once again preparing for the growing humanitarian crisis caused by changes to SRSS eligibility and funding which has left thousands facing destitution – without access to medication, food and in so many cases leaving people homeless. Since these changes began coming into effect in 2018, it’s only gotten worse, with more people, including families, now impacted.

Sort the myths from the facts about refugees and asylum seekers with the Kaldor Centre for International Law's FAQ.

Australia’s next federal election has been called for 18 May, and we expect robust debate about the country’s future.  As a non-partisan research centre, UNSW’s Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law is dedicated to providing accurate, credible information on law and policy affecting refugees and people seeking asylum.

Have we, Australia, become a country that breeds mass murderers with our words? Richard Flanagan

In this speech given at the Palm Sunday Rally for Refugees, Richard Flanagan says we are better than our politicians’ dark fears. …….It is our time, it is our country, and we are no longer marching to the beat of those who would sell it out to the NRA, to the neo-Nazis and the mass murderers.

Tim Winton's Palm Sunday plea: Start the soul-searching Australia

What secret are we hiding? Well, it's awkward, and kind of embarrassing. You see, we're afraid. Terrified. This big, brash wealthy country. We have an irrational phobia. We're afraid of strangers. Not rich strangers. No. The ones who frighten us out of our wits are the poor strangers. People displaced by war and persecution. We're even scared of their traumatised children. And if they flee their war-torn countries in boats, well, then, they're twice as threatening.

Dog whistles, regional visas and wage theft – immigration policy is again an election issue April 11, 2019 6.11am AEST

While the events of Christchurch may have cramped the opportunity for the Coalition to run hard on fear, promising to be tough on borders and tough on (Muslim) terrorism, the dog-whistle politics on the issue of refugees and asylum seekers will be there for those wanting to hear it.

How Toll made $8.1m for six days' work - on Manus Island

The AusTender website shows the contract was worth $8.99 million and was awarded under a closed, or "limited tender", process.

During a Senate Estimates hearing on Monday Home Affairs officials confirmed they cancelled the contract just six days after it was awarded and as a result the government paid Toll $8.1 million for equipment and shipping costs. They said some marquees were still owned by the department and were being kept in storage in case they were required.

'It's a deterrent': Treasurer defends spending $185 million to reopen Christmas Island

"What we've done by reopening Christmas Island is send a deterrent to people who would try to game the system," Mr Frydenberg told the ABC's Insiders program on Sunday.

"Whether it's in our turnbacks, whether it's in offshore processing or whether it's with Christmas Island, we are absolutely focused on ensuring there is no repeat of Labor's disastrous border protection policies."