Jacinda Ardern has again broached the topic of sending refugees from Nauru to New Zealand during discussions with Scott Morrison.

Mr Morrison recently indicated he may be open to accepting the deal on the condition they never come to Australia but has since gone cold on the idea despite facing increasing pressure on the issue due to concerns about the health and welfare of the children being detained on Nauru.


Senate knocks back Peter Dutton's move to limit asylum seeker rights

On Tuesday evening the Senate voted 33 to 29 against extending the reach of the fast-track process, with Labor, the Greens, Centre Alliance and Tim Storer combining to pass a disallowance motion moved by Greens senator Nick McKim.


Future of kids on Nauru still unknown

If there has been a change in Australian public sentiment about offshore detention, and a commensurate change in the government’s, it has yielded few policy solutions. The government’s commitment to removing children from Nauru by year’s end has been broadly welcomed, but the questions it raises are for now mostly without answers.


Many families remain separated amid ongoing Nauru medical transfers

The Australian Department of Home Affairs has spent at least $780,000 since July last year responding to court applications for urgent medical transfers, and is continuing a legal challenge to the federal court’s jurisdiction to hear the cases.


NY Times: The Nauru Experience: Zero-Tolerance Immigration and Suicidal Children

TOPSIDE, Nauru — She was 3 years old when she arrived on Nauru, a child fleeing war in Sri Lanka. Now, Sajeenthana is 8.

Her gaze is vacant. Sometimes she punches adults. And she talks about dying with ease.


Peter Dutton defends Nauru policy after refugees told to separate from family

In dozens of cases, their immediate family members have been left on offshore islands and told that, if they want to be considered for resettlement under the US deal, they must abandon their families, or encourage their families to return to offshore processing, even in defiance of doctors’ advice.


The Coalition is right to remove children from Nauru – but there's very little to celebrate

….the welcome transfer of children notwithstanding, the government still has a huge problem to fix. Where will these people ultimately be resettled? Perhaps sensing the prospect of a softening in the prime minister’s office, Tony Abbott has been quick out of the blocks to declare it will N-O-T be in Australia.