KALDOR Centre for Refugee Law UNSW

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Academic articles

  • Madeline Gleeson, 'Regional cooperation on refugee protection: The unanswered questions'Middle East Institute, 5 September 2017
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  • Jane McAdam, Self-Determination and self-governance for communities relocated across international borders: The quest for Banaban independence (2017) 24 International Journal on Minority and Group Rights 428-466
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  • Sangeetha Pillai and George Williams, Twenty-first century banishment: Citizenship stripping in common law nations    (2017) 66(3) International Comparative Law Quarterly 521-555

Media: print and online

Media: radio and television

  • David Donoghue, RN Breakfast with Fran Kelly, ABC Radio National (24 November 2017) 
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  • Sangeetha Pillai, The Latest with Danica De Giorgio, Sky News (2 November 2017) 


Clearly the UN, AI, MSF, ACID, AMA, HRC, NZ Govt., PNG Supreme Court, Australian Voters, Front Page of Daily Telegraph - all wrong!!!

....Speaking through the safe mediums of Twitter and Ray Hadley’s radio show, Dutton furiously declared it was everyone else who was wrong. Dutton said he knew the truth of the lies spread by detainees, advocates, the United Nations, Amnesty International, Médecins Sans Frontières, the Australian Council for International Development, the Australian Medical Association, the Human Rights Commission, Human Rights Watch, the New Zealand government, PNG’s supreme court, PNG’s grand chief, Sir Michael Somare, multiple member nations of the UN, Australian voters, even the front page of News Corp’s Daily Telegraph......