Exclusive: Former Nauru president's dying wish is to end offshore processing

Mr Dabwido said the original contract seemed to be a “good arrangement” to prevent “queue jumpers” in the system.

“I thought it good policy because eventually, they get in [to Australia],” he said.

“But along the way it’s been changed and [Australia] says people will never get in. The decision made by this Australian government is not the one I signed.”


Australians are asking how did we get here? Well, Islamophobia is practically enshrined as public policy

…….And at least until Friday, it looked like a desperate conservative national government might run a race-based election, reaching once more for the same playbook the party has used for decades. (In 2011, the current prime minister Scott Morrison reportedly recommended an anti-Muslim election strategy to his Liberal party colleagues). Former race discrimination commissioner Tim Soutphommasane said the government was “campaigning on fear, seeking to incite hysteria about asylum seekers and border security”.


Australia’s own border wall: Our “state of exception” combines disturbing practices, cost blowouts and chaotic administration

…. it’s far too easy for us to smugly criticise Trump’s plan. Australia already has its own equivalent of his pointless wall — the continued offshore processing regime in Manus and Nauru. What is worse, it is a folly that enjoys bipartisan support and also costs an enormous amount. Federal budget papers show that offshore processing cost $1 billion or more in every year from 2013–14 to 2017–18.


The Government says Australians will lose out on medical help if refugees are brought here for treatment. Is that correct?

Would Australians be displaced from hospital waiting lists if refugees and asylum seekers came to Australia for medical treatment under the new legislation?

RMIT ABC Fact Check investigates.
THE VERDICT: The claims made by Mr Morrison, Mr Dutton and Senator Cormann are baseless.


Children in detention and separated families:

Children in detention and separated families:
Six children remain in detention in Melbourne.

63 mothers, fathers and children remain  permanently separated between Australia and indefinite offshore detention on Manus and Nauru. Source: Human Rights Law Centre.

The group includes:

  • five babies born in Australia whose fathers are indefinitely detained on Nauru;

  • a father detained on Manus Island for five years whose wife and children are living in Sydney and whose daughters are studying at University; and

  • husbands and wives, children and parents, and brothers and sisters, who remain permanently separated because they arrived and sought protection in Australia on different dates. .

Babies of refugees on Manus Island eligible for transfer under medevac bill, but confusion reigns

"According to our custom and traditions, where would they fit in into the system? We are patrilineal community," he said.

The patrilineal society means things like land — which in PNG is 97 per cent privately owned — is passed down through fathers.

"They will always take the back seat. They will have no say in anything at all. There will be no recognition at all."

The Manus Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector David Yapu is also worried.

"When these refugees leave the province and resettle in another country, who will be responsible for the mother? Who will be responsible for the children?"


A decade in detention: refugees face indefinite time on Christmas Island

‘‘If people are still going to be on Christmas Island in four years, that would be 10 years of deprivation of liberty and freedom for people who have asserted their right to seek asylum in Australia,’’ she said.

‘‘It’s unfathomable to think that that would happen, but I don’t underestimate what the current government could do.’’


Worst ever immigration minister: Asylum seekers jet in under Dutton's nose

Australia has had some great immigration ministers. Arthur Calwell started post-war migration; Harold Holt linked immigration to industry and infrastructure development; Hubert Opperman began dismantling the White Australia Policy; Al Grassby introduced us to multiculturalism; Michael MacKeller implemented points tested skill migration, the humanitarian program and modern settlement programs; Robert Ray codified immigration selection; and Philip Ruddock implemented the foundations for using temporary and skilled immigration for demographic, economic and budget benefit.